Under seat subwoofers

For most people, a good car is not just about the mechanics but also about the sound system. The good news is that you can always add a few speakers to your dream car to give it the perfection you want. Most of the time people categorize speakers depending on size. There are different types and models of speakers each with its set of merits and demerits. Subwoofers are smaller and consume less power, which makes them ideal for all types of cars. They come in different models, sizes and also varying prices as well. You can find great reviews from online sources like www.caraudiosecurity.com/bass-deals-active-passive-boxes-active-bass-tubes-boxes-underseat-subwoofer. Here are someunder seat subwoofer reviews.

TS SWX25002
These subwoofers are proof that pioneer never disappoints with their products. With a good range of frequency response and low power consumption, these subwoofers produce a very great sound. They have a tight base system and carpeted surfaces that make them more durable. You can fit them in any car and they will give you a clear high quality sound.

JL audio
Though this category of subwoofers is a bit expensive than other models, it doesn’t disappoint. It presents a high performance capacity and is not prone to scratches due to the outer carpeting as well. Most models can handle up to 1000 watts of power with a frequency that can go down to 18 Hz just to mention a few of the features.

As one of the established brands in the market, Kenwood produces some of the smallest subwoofers. With this one, they have surpassed expectations since it can fit into tiny spaces but still perform its functions. It’s high sensitivity makes it produce great sound with very little power. These features together with the affordability aspect make this subwoofer model suitable for any car model.

11HS8 HideAway
The unique feature of this subwoofer is its ability to give very low bass notes. It has a good control system that allows you to control the bass levels to your suitability. It is also easy to install which makes it ideal for everyone. Other features include low frequency range and slick outward structure.

This product of sound storm is perfect for any type of car ranging from trucks to small cars. With circuit protection and switchable phase controls, this subwoofer is guaranteed to make your car’s sound system better. It has a power consumption range of up to 800 watts with a built in amplifier that gives it an amazing bass system. It also comes with remote control features and a very long warranty period.

Diecast Aluminum compact
With power capacity of only up to 300 watts, Diecast Aluminum compact exhibits high performance levels with less power consumption. It’s design makes it easy to install since it has a small structure and is lightweight. It definitely makes one of the best products in phase has designed. It has a remote capability that allows you to control the level from the driver’s seat. It’s very affordable and has a high-level signal input which result in great sound.

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