A Simple Guide On How To Buy Second Hand Vehicles in Edinburgh.

second hand vehicles

It’s a known fact that many people living in Edinburgh love owning cars, driving in cars and using cars to simplify their lives. It’s also evident that it is usually too expensive to buy a new car and that’s why a lot of car lovers do not own cars. But, this does not mean you cannot be a car owner! That’s because there are thousands of second hand vehicles in Edinburgh on sale at very affordable prices. In fact, according to Money Crashers (link –
http://www.moneycrashers.com/benefits-of-buying-a-slightly-used-car/) used cars come with numerous benefits.

But, before you buy a second hand car, it is important that you check it thoroughly beforehand, so that you can spot anything that might end up costing you a fortune in repairs in the future. Below are just a few things that you can include in your checklist:

1. The Interior – The first thing you should check is the interior of the vehicle. If any of the seats are wet or stained, you might want to check if there is a leak somewhere. You should also check whether all the interior lights, controls, displays and switches work by going through them each in turn.

2. The Body – the bodywork of the car should be your next port of call. Check for scratches, rust, and dents, particularly on the lower panels, which are the areas most vulnerable to damage of this type. Never inspect a vehicle in the dark, or in wet weather, as this may cause you to miss crucial details.

3. Accident Status – Look out for signs that a car has been involved in an accident, such as inconsistent paintwork or dents, and do not forget to look in the boot and under the bonnet, as it is harder to cover up accident damage in these areas.

4. The Engine – The next thing to check is the engine itself. Have a look at the oil dipstick to check whether there is plenty of clean oil in the engine, and check the coolant, which should be clean and brightly colored. Turn on the engine and let it warm up for a while so that you can check whether smoke is coming out of the exhaust, as this could point to a mechanical problem.

5. Go For a Test Drive – If the car seems in good enough condition up to this point, then you might want to take it for a test drive. Check that the steering, brakes, and gear mechanism are smooth and responsive and that the car does not veer to one side when you loosen your grip on the wheel.

If all this seems fine, then you could have a winner on your hands. However, if the asking price is pricey, then you may want to get the vehicle checked over by an independent and professional mechanic, which should cost you a few dollars, but could potentially save you a lot more if they point out an expensive problem with the vehicle. This is the best guideline to help you buy good second hand vehicles.