Symptoms of EGR Valve Failure

EGR Valve Failure

EGR Vakve Symptoms

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve enables the car to more completely and efficiently burn the fuel by recirculating a part of exhaust and then running it through combustion process once again. This results into a cooled and complete burning of the fuel which in turn decreases the car’s emission of nitrous gases thus prohibiting formation of those harmful gaseous substances. If the EGR valve is clogged or otherwise faulty, engine will start run poorly. The level of environmental pollution also increases especially exhaust gases from the EGR valve. Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve should be cleaned as soon as possible or replaced immediately.

ERG is an essential part of the car engine and if it is suspected to be faulty, the car owner is advised to take the car to the mechanic as fast as possible to prevent further break downs and continued environmental pollution. The following are some the ways in which we can be able to detect a failing or a faulty Engine Gas Recirculation, as elaborated in the link These symptoms will act as important indicator of the egr valve symptoms of possible engine failing.

1. Engine performance issues

Issues that directly affect the efficiency with which the car engine functions are major determinants or indicators of failing Engine Gas Recirculation valve. A stable EGR valve is core in determining a fully functioning of the car engine. A malfunctioning or a clogged EGR valve can easily disrupt or destabilize the air-fuel-ratio of the vehicle. This can cause severe issues such as reduction in the power of the car, efficiency of the fuel flow in the car circuit or wiring and the level of acceleration of the car.

2. Rough idle

Rough idle is also one of the most common symptoms that are evident in a car with inefficient Exhaust Gas Recirculation. It is a common scenario for EGR valve to fail in pits functioning and getting stuck in the open. This causes recirculation of the waste exhaust gases and this leads to rough idle, even though the it may take place in an undesirable circumstances.

3. Check Engine Light coming on

When Check Lights for the engine gets illuminated, the driver should be worried of the car engine failing or getting stuck. It is one of the symptoms that the EGR valve is failing in its functions. This occurs because the computer detects the situation of the EGR valve position or its circuit. The computer sets off Check Engine Lights so as to inform the driver of the prevailing danger. Check Engine lights can also be activated by many other issues that may endanger the car or its functioning. It is therefore highly recommendable that computers be scanned to detect the troubles and code that kind of information.

The EGR valve is therefore an imperative part of the emissions system of the car. This is more so important for cars which are in serious state with strict regulations of emissions. The best time to take your car for inspection is when the car’s emissions system is suspected to be functioning poorly, especially in regard to emission of poisonous gases. The car’s EGR valve may be having an emissions problem. It is good to consult a professional technician such as a mechanic so as to find out whether the vehicle requires replacement of EGR valve.