Learn To Diagnose The Problems With EGR Valve

prolem in egr

The ever popular Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve is said to be a modern invention to reduce the nitrogen oxide (NOx) which is used in the diesel engines. Read on to find out more about some of the defective EGR valve symptoms as well as vgr valve symptoms. According to the experts at www.autoindustriya.com, the valve mechanism operates by recirculating a part of the exhaust gas from the engine to return to the engine cylinders and thereby reduce the production of NOx which is harmful to the environment. Modern automobile engines need this EGR system in order to meet the statutory standards recommended by various government agencies across the world.

Issues Related To EGR Valve
When an EGR valve goes bad, symptoms can be seen while driving the vehicle on the road. The clogging of the valve seems to be the common symptom found, and this causes more pollution on the environment as well the poor run of the vehicle. With proper expertise, one can easily diagnose the symptom and fix it in a simple way.

List Of Possible Symptoms
For the benefit of the readers and the concerned individuals, few of the symptoms are listed here. Remember that all these said symptoms many not occur at one time, while few of them do not show up until they become very severe. Anyone driving the vehicle with EGR system ought to know these symptoms when the EGR system is found defective.
· Erratic idling of the engine
· Struggling of engine during acceleration
· Poor mileage

EGR Valve Repair Codes
Most of the vehicles with EGR systems have repair codes stored in the PCM memory. These codes are to keep the drivers on alert as well to diagnose the faulty valves in a quick time. These are codes that have been accepted internationally. Of course, not all the vehicles have these codes. These codes are generally given the product manuals that are distributed during the sale of the vehicles.

Common Issues With EGR Valves
Valve fully open: This condition often produces vacuum leak leading to poor combustion. With this condition, the vehicle will stall frequently. The corresponding error code will be displayed on the dashboard in the vehicles that have PCM memory.
Valve fully closed: With the condition, a larger amount of NOx is emitted from the vehicle, and more often the engine begins to knock, resulting in the disruption in the engine timing.
Clogged valve: Such a condition makes the engine to stall and can cause rough idling. One can use the valve cleaning kit supplied by the vehicle companies.

Buy EGR valve kit
In case if you own a vehicle that has an EGR system, and you happen to find some of the above-referred symptoms, never worry. You can repair the issue right away if you have some basic knowledge about the engine and its parts. Know the fact that EGR system is known to be a bit expensive, but repairing it looks to be little easy. Several online stores sell EGR valve cleaning kit which comes along with the necessary tools.

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